Thursday, April 6, 2017


10 Makeup sins you probably are committing
When you do your makeup the same way for a long time, you can get into habits that are hard to break. You might even be making mistakes and not even realising it, so here are ten of the most common mistakes that people make with their makeup. Check them out and see if you are guilty of a                                                                               makeup sin!
1. Too much blush
Blush is supposed to give you a healthy glow and add freshness to your face, not make you look like a clown! When applying blush, always consider your skin tone. Fair skin looks good with rosy or pink tones and darker skin looks great with darker tones like plum or berry. Always blend in well; it should look like it almost melts into your skin.
2. Poor choice of foundation
There is a huge choice of foundations available on the market, so it’s not surprising that many people chose the wrong shade. When buying a foundation, look for a colour that blends in with your natural skin tone seamlessly and remember, you can use more than one shade to create the perfect look. Be careful not to overdo foundation, though, or it will look cakey.
3. Applying foundation to dry skin
It doesn’t matter how creamy your foundation looks, it is not going to conceal dry and flaky skin. If you do have dry skin, moisturise day and night, or otherwise foundation will only highlight the problem and make your skin look tired and older.

4. Dodgy eyebrows
No matter how good the rest of your makeup looks, if eyebrows look wrong, people will notice. Some people shave them off completely and draw unnatural looking lines, while others leave them completely untrimmed. Keep your eyebrows well-trimmed and conditioned and use subtle tones of eyebrow pencil that complement your complexion and your hair colour.
5. Using makeup that doesn’t suit your age
This is a common mistake and one that is easy to fall into but, if you are still doing your makeup today, the same way as you did fifteen years ago, you might want to take another look. Some things really are best left to the youngsters!
6. Not using primer on oily skin
If you have oily skin, then never skip the primer. Use a matt effect primer, before applying any foundation and it will help to combat any shine on your face. It’s also a good idea to take some blotting wipes with you when you go out, for a quick touch up, when needed.
7. Being too timid with makeup
Makeup is there to make you look good not to hide you away. Don’t be too timid with makeup and don’t be afraid to experiment. If your makeup makes you feel good and fills you with self-confidence, then that makeup is good makeup.

8. Misusing bright colours
Bright colours can look amazing, but you can overuse them. If you want to wear a bright lipstick, for example, keep the rest of your face looking more natural, because too many bright colours and they will clash and just look strange.
9. Using cheap makeup
Many people have to work to a budget these days, but don’t skimp on the makeup if you don’t have to. The very cheapest makeup doesn’t last so long and it often contains ingredients which can harm you and your skin.
10. Not blending
If you don’t want your makeup to look like a child did it, then you have to blend, and you have to blend well. Whatever makeup you use, always be sure to blend it in thoroughly, before you apply any more. Remember also, to check your makeup in different lights, to make sure that it’s going to look good, wherever you go.
What other makeup mistakes and makeup sins do girls often commit on your opinion?
Stay happy and beautiful!

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