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20 Tips To Become Happier, Healthier And Successful In Life

20 TIPS TO BECOME HAPPIER, HEALTHIER AND SUCCESSFUL IN LIFEHow does happiness, health and success sound? If you think it sounds absolutely fine and dandy, read on for 20 tips that will help you to create a dream life.
Dreams. Many of us have dreams. But how many of us actually believe that dreams really can come true?
If you ask most people that you know if they truly believe they can achieve their dreams, they’ll probably say No. Or they’ll say “I hope so” at best.
This is a shame, because dreams CAN be achieved.
Everyone has the right to live the life they want. Everyone has the right to be happy, healthy and successful. If you’ve made these three things your biggest goals of 2017, you can achieve them. Nothing can stop you!
Let’s take a look at 20 tips to become happier, healthier and successful in life.
Don’t Hold Grudges

If you think that holding a grudge makes you feel better by virtue of the fact that it punishes the other person, think again.
Holding grudges benefits no one. It doesn’t benefit the other person, and it certainly doesn’t benefit you.
In fact, by holding a grudge you’re punishing yourself just as much as you’re punishing the other person. You’re not giving yourself a chance to move on and be free from all that negative energy. Instead, you’re letting it encircle you.
Forget what happened. Forgive, forget and move on as quickly as possible. Free yourself from negative energy. You’re not letting the other person off the hook. You’re simply doing what is best for YOU.
Give To Others
Give to others as much as you can. Spread the positive energy and be a part of it. It will make you feel so good.
Practice Gratitude
A lot of the time, we live our lives so much in the future that we tend to forget how far we’ve already come. We’re constantly still wanting this and that, and growing increasingly frustrated by the amount of things we still don’t have.

Have you ever taken some time-out to look back at how far you’ve already come. Try it. For a few moments, stop focusing on how far you’ve still got to go and instead focus on how much you’ve accomplished so far. Be grateful that you’ve made it here and cherish what you’ve got right now: Your health, your friends, your freedom to make your own choices.
And most importantly of all, be grateful that you have a future.
Think Outside The Box
If you’ve so far spent your whole life thinking inside the box, it’s time to take a trip outside of it and look at life from a different perspective.
Thinking inside the box imposes limits on you. Every thought and action you have and take is essentially a safe one that isn’t going to help you to explore your potential.
To be a success, you have to think and act differently. You can’t keep doing the same things you’ve been doing all the time up until now. It’s time to be different.
Have a fresh take on things. You’ll be amazed at where it can get you.
Make Plans
If you don’t have your own plans, you’ll end up a part of someone else’s plan. Give your life a direction and something to look forward to.
Hang Out With Positive People
If there is one thing that can bring us down and prevent us from being happy and successful, it’s negative energy from negative people.
Put simply, it’s impossible to reach for the stars when the people you hang out with tell you that it’s impossible.
“Why do you wanna launch your own business? Don’t be silly! It’ll never work out!”
Sound familiar?
When people talk like this, they’re projecting their own limitations and anxieties onto you.
The problem is that it’s really easy to listen to them. Especially when all your friends are of the same opinion and mindset.
Switch negative people who love to criticise for positive people who love to encourage. You’ll soon see that their energy takes you further than you ever imagined could be possible.
Write Down Your Values
Some people find it hard to be happy, simply because they don’t know what their own values are.
Many of us don’t know what our values are. Do you know yours?
Ask a friend and they’ll struggle to name theirs.
Without values, not only does your life lack proper direction, but you’ll also be making bad decisions. Why? Because you aren’t making decisions that are in line with your values … because you don’t know what they are!
Take some time to write down what your values are, and then arrange them in a hierarchy. From now on, your decisions should be made with these values in mind.
What matters most to you in life? Is it your health, cheeriness, a sense of adventure, security?
Drink Less Alcohol
We’re not saying that alcohol is really bad, and that no one who was happy ever drank it. But by its nature, alcohol is a depressant. And it’s not exactly what you’d call healthy.
Alcohol can cause weight issues, and it can also make us feel pretty rubbish the next day if we drink too much. Worse still, alcohol can really derail us as we pursue success.
Ever made plans to work on something big, only for alcohol to scupper those plans? You were meant to be productive on Saturday morning, but too much alcohol the night before means another day wasted!
If you want to be successful in life, you have to make sacrifices. And one of those might have to be cutting down on alcohol – or even cutting it out altogether.
Take Risks
Take a leap of faith. Leave your comfort zone. See how thrilling it feels.
Eat More Plant-Based Food
We’re not going to get all militant and tell you that to be healthier you need to cut out meat altogether. But what we will say is that you should try to get more plant-based food into your diet.
Phytonutrients are important to your health, and you’ll only find these in plant-based foods, such as fruit, vegetables and legumes. Phytonutrients ensure that every part of your body is performing at its optimum and helps to keep you free from chronic disease.
However, if you want to be happier, it might be a good idea to become either a vegetarian or a vegan. Knowing that you’re no longer eating dead animals could take a load off your mind.
Be Resilient
Successful people have the winner’s edge – they never give up. Yes, bad things happen. But remind yourself that whatever bad stuff you’re going through right now is building your character.
It’s something for you to talk about and look back on once you make it.
Stop Trying To Please Everyone
If you live your life trying to please people all the time, you’ll probably play a big role in their personal success story. Excellent!
But wait. What about your own success story? What’s going to happen to that?
If you don’t plan your own life, other people will slot you into theirs. And when you don’t plan or respect your own life enough, you end up wanting to please other people all the time.
This means that when they ask you for your help, you instantly say Yes! Of course you’ll help them, even if it means you don’t get to progress your own goals. You’ll help them because you want to please them.
If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to start saying No to people.
Saying No to people doesn’t make you selfish. It’s just being sensible. You don’t have the time to save the world, nor are you under any obligation to save it. Sometimes, you have to focus on yourself and your own goal.
Hey, everyone else does it. Especially successful people, who find the idea of pleasing others pretty rubbish.
Love Yourself
It’s impossible to be happy unless you learn to love yourself first.
Cut Out The News
Happy, successful people aren’t always up to date with the latest crises in the middle east, nor do they always know how many people have been murdered in America this week.
So what? They leave that job to the politicians. They’d rather stay positive and spend more time being successful.
Stop Seeing Failure As Game Over
Imagine if someone’s big dream in life was to launch their own business. Their business idea was the one thing that excited them more than anything else. From a young age, it was all they could talk about!
As they got older, they didn’t talk about it so much. Life got in the way and they realised that launching a business was a dumb idea.
“It’s something only rich people do,” they lamented.
Then, they were encouraged to do it by a friend who believed in them. So they did it! They went ahead and launched their own business.
They failed.
Worse still, they saw that first failure as a sign to give up for good.
They fell into a humdrum, meaningless life, a life without any more dreams.
But why? Because one single failure told them they couldn’t do something?
If you let failure get in the way of success and happiness, we have only one thing to say to you: Wake up!
Failure isn’t game over. In fact, there is no such thing as failure. There are only results. You just need to take some time to analyse the results, work out where you went wrong and make improvements.
If we all took failures to heart, none of us would be successful. Failures are what define us and make us who we are. They build resilience and lead us to the key to success. Each time you fail, you get the opportunity to find out where the key is not hidden.
Read At Least One Book A Week
Ask any successful person for advice on how you should live your life, and they’ll tell you that it’s okay to skip a meal every now and then. You can even skip a meal and stay healthy.
But what you should try not to do skip is a book each week.
While ordinary people get their kicks from entertainment, extraordinary people get theirs from learning. They soak up knowledge that benefits them and their career.
You don’t have to go nose-deep into some boring old novel. Read books that will help you to pursue excellence. Read self-learning books or motivational books. Read books related to your field that will help you to be the best, or books related to a field you want to get into.
And if you’re worried that you might not have the time to read this week, why not download an audio book? It’s much more convenient and you can learn while you do other stuff, such as cook.
Embrace Your Fears
If you’re afraid of flying, you may spend your entire life never visiting the countries or continents you know would make you so happy.
Isn’t this upsetting?
To be happy and successful, you need to learn to associate more pain with not overcoming your fear than with embracing it.
Cut Out Junk Food
“I can’t become vegetarian because I love bacon too much.”
Sound familiar? Maybe the reason you can’t cut out junk food is because you love sweaty burgers too much.
Junk food is just bad for you. If you’re struggling to give it up, you need to find a way of associating pain with eating it.
A lot of people finally quit eating junk food when it starts to threaten their health. But junk food is always threatening your heath. The sooner you quit it and eat richer, healthier, tastier and more colourful plant-based food, the more you can reduce your risk of developing a debilitating disease.
Cut Down The Amount Of Time You Spend On Social Media
Social media is just another addiction. Spend less time on it and more time on your goals.
Stay happy

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