Wednesday, April 5, 2017

9 Beauty tips and tricks for soft and healthy lips :-
Luscious and kissable lips is what every girl longs for and what every guy loves to see and feel…Your lips are an important part of your overall look, but, exposed to the outside world elements and aggressions, day in and day out, it can be difficult to keep your lips looking their best all the time. The sun, the wind and the cold – all do their best to dry out your lips and make them cracked, sore and somewhat less than attractive, so here are nine tips to help your lips stay soft and healthy:
1 Keep the wind at bay
The wind is the worst enemy of your lips and the easiest way of keeping it at bay is to cover up in windy weather. When there is a storm blowing up outside, protect and cover your face with a scarf to keep the wind from drying out your lips and skin on your face.
2. Keep moisturizer to hand
Lip balm is good for healthy lips, as well as dry lips, so moisturize regularly and they won’t get dry in the first place! One easy way to make sure that you always have some balm to hand is to buy a multi-pack and put one in the pocket of every coat you own and then you’ll never find yourself without it.
3. Avoid licking your lips
If your lips are feeling dry, then avoid the temptation to lick them, as this will only make matters worse and try not to bite your lips, if you are feeling nervous, as this can damage them too.

4. Use a natural lip scrub
Clean and moisturize your lips with a natural scrub of sugar and olive oil. Twice a week, gently rub the mixture into your lips and then, rinse clean with water, and any dead skin will be removed and the oil will soften and nourish your lips.
5. Beware the spice
What you eat can affect the health of your lips. Eating very spicy food and salty food can irritate your lips and dry them out, so avoid these types of food if you can. If you can’t resist a bowl of chilli or salty foods, then wash your lips and moisturize them after you have finished eating.
6. Overnight unrefined shea butter for lips
Shea butter is fast becoming one of my favourite beauty products! Easy to find and simple, applying unrefined shea butter on your lips and leaving on overnight will leave them feeling soft and kissable in the morning.
7. Don’t forget your lips, when you apply sunscreen
Sunscreen may not be the tastiest product to apply to lips, but they need protecting from the sun too. Apply sunscreen to your lips, as well as the rest of your face when you go out and don’t forget, that the sun shines even when it’s coldy too, not just in the middle of summer.

8. Careful with the cleansers
Your lips have far fewer oil glands, than the rest of your face, that’s why they can dry out faster. Always top up the moisture in your lips with a lip balm or shea butter, after you have cleansed your face with soap or cleanser, to replace some of the lost oils.
9. Choose the right lipsticks
In general, the creamier the lipstick, the less drying it will be. Matte lipsticks are more likely to dry out your lips and tempt you to lick your lips more often too.
What are your favorite tips and tricks for soft, healthy and kissable lips? Feel free to share your own lip care beauty secrets in the comment section below.
Stay beautiful!

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