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How to get longer eyelashes? 20 Amazing natural home remedies :-

1. Castor oilThe eyes are the most striking feature of a person’s face and they are the first thing that people look closely at, so perhaps that’s why everyone wants beautiful, thick and long eyelashes. You could, of course, use false eyelashes or expensive thickening mascaras to enhance the look of your lashes, but with so many natural home remedies that will help your lashes grow; why would you? If you want your lashes to grow longer and thicker fast, take a look at these 20 great home remedies that will encourage your lashes to grow.
Castor oil has amazing hydrating properties and it is well known as a home treatment to make lashes grow longer. For the best results, apply castor oil to your lashes when you go to bed and leave it on overnight. If you do that every night, you should start to see some results in a couple of weeks.
2. Groom your lashes
Brush your lashes daily and that will keep them clean and it will encourage them to grow. A daily brush for about five minutes will clean off dust and dirt and it will help promote better blood circulation to the follicles. Just make it a regular part of your daily beauty regime and you will soon start to see an improvement in your lashes.
3. Coconut milk
Coconut milk contains essential fats and protein that will nourish your lashes and help make them grow faster. Soak a cotton wool ball in coconut oil and then apply it to your lashes. Leave it in for about ten minutes, and then wash it off with Luke warm water. This is best done after you brushed your lashes first, because the coconut oil will be absorbed better into clean lashes.

4. Take a break from the false lashes
While false lashes do provide an instant touch of glamour to your look, putting them on and taking them off again can break your lashes. You might just have to give the false lashes a break while you are trying out some of these home remedies for longer lashes, so that you give your eyelashes a chance to grow naturally.
5. Massage your eyelids
Massaging your eyelids will improve the blood flow to your follicles and that will help encourage growth and strengthen the lashes. Stronger eyelashes will mean fewer breakages, so massage your eyelids in a circular motion for about five minutes a day with a bit of olive oil on your fingertips. Be gentle, though, or you will see stars!
6. Shea butter
Just like the hair on your head, if your lashes become dehydrated, they will become brittle and more prone to breakage. Shea butter is wonderfully hydrating and it contains vitamins B and E, which are perfect for nourishing eyelashes. Apply shea butter with a cotton wool swab and leave it to sit for five minutes before you rinse it off again with cool water. If you do that, two to three times a week, your lashes will have all the nourishment they need to grow thick and long.
7. Don’t rub your eyes
Half the battle with growing long lashes is not damaging the lashes that you have. Be gentle with your lashes, because they can easily break, and avoid rubbing your eyes hard with your fingers. If you have got into the habit of rubbing your eyes when you are tired, it might be difficult to stop, but try to remember that every time you rub your eyes, you run the risk of breaking a few lashes.

8. Eggs
Eggs are a wonderful natural home remedy for encouraging the growth of eyelashes. They are full of protein that will nourish your lashes and they also contain biotin and vitamins that will improve the texture and strength of lashes. Beat up one whole egg with a tablespoon of glycerine until you have a smooth, creamy mixture. Apply that mixture to your lashes with some cotton wool and leave it to sit for 15 minutes. Regular application of eggs to your lashes will usually have an effect after a couple of months.
9. Olive oil
Olive oil has so many different uses in home beauty treatments. It works wonders on hair and skin and it can also make your lashes grow too. As well as being incredibly hydrating, olive oil also contains antioxidants and vitamins that protect your lashes and make them grow faster. The easiest way to apply olive oil to your lashes is to use a clean mascara brush. If you brush your lashes with olive oil every night before you go to bed, you will soon start to see an improvement in the length and thickness of your lashes.
10. Eat a balanced diet
Eating a healthy, well balanced diet is so important for your health and it will make your skin, hair and lashes look great as well. If you want long and thick lashes, you will need to give them the vitamins and minerals that they need to grow and you will find those vitamins in fresh fruit and vegetables. Your lashes also need protein to stay healthy, so eat plenty of fish, eggs and other protein rich foods.
11. Lemon peel
You can make a superb tonic for your lashes by infusing castor oil with lemon peel. All you need to do is soak some dried lemon peel in castor oil for about a week and that will let the folic acid, vitamins C and B, and other nutrients for the lemon peel infuse into the oil. You will then have a supercharged eyelash tonic that you can apply at bedtime that will rapidly boost the growth of your lashes.
12. Green tea
Green tea is another natural product that has many health and beauty
benefits and its high concentrations of flavonoids and antioxidants will help strength your eyelashes too. Just wash your lashes in cool green tea and then, after about ten minutes, rinse it off again with clean water.
13. Always remove all your eye makeup
Removing all your makeup before you go to bed is essential if you want clear skin, but it is also important if you want your lashes to grow too. If you leave mascara on overnight, it is quite likely that you will damage your lashes and it could cause eye infections as well. Also, when you do remove your eye makeup, be gentle, or you might find that you are removing lashes along with the mascara.
14. Argan oil
Argan oil is one of the rarest of most valuable natural oils on the planet and it has some amazing health and beauty benefits. When you use argan oil on your lashes, it will moisturise them and it will nourish them with fatty acids and vitamins A and E. Argan oil is like intensive care for lashes, so it is the perfect home treatment if your lashes have become damaged and sparse.
15. Vitamin E oil
Vitamin E oil can be used on its own to strengthen lashes and encourage new growth, or it can be mixed with other natural oils. The application process is the same as with any oil. Dip a cotton wool swab in the oil and brush it over your lashes for you go to bed, then wash it of gain in the morning.
16. Aloe vera
Aloe vera is often called a miracle plant because of all the uses it has and one of the many things that aloe vera gel can be used for is strengthening and thickening eyelashes. Aloe vera is a very gentle way of moisturising lashes and nourishing them. You can use the gel, on its own, to make eyelashes grow, or you can mix it something like jojoba oil. Either way, if you apply it daily, you’ll notice an improvement in the thickness of your lashes within a few months.
17. Go mascara free
Going mascara free, at least, for a couple of days a week can also help your eyelashes grow thicker and longer, because wearing a heavy layer of mascara daily can significantly affect the health and growth of your lashes.
18. Almond oil
Almond oil is another one of the natural oils that you could use to encourage the growth of your lashes. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, which will help your lashes grow longer, and almond oil is also said to make lashes grow thicker and curlier too. It’s also very good for treating dark circles under the eyes, so applying almond oil at bedtime will bring two benefits for the price of one.
19. Coconut oil and lavender essential oil
The combination of coconut oil and lavender essential oil will keep your eyes clear of infection, moisturise your lashes and encourage your eyelashes to grow thick and long. To use this wonderful mixture, mix 3 drops of lavender essential oil with ½ a teaspoon of coconut oil. Apply a small amount with a cotton swab and leave it on overnight.
20. More natural oils
Most of the natural oils will help your lashes grow and you apply them all in the same way and leave them on overnight. In addition to those we have already mentioned, you could use avocado oil, sesame oil, sweet almond oil or a mixture of a number of your favourite oils. Just remember to apply it every night and be gentle and kind to your lashes. Then, you’ll have longer, thicker lashes in no time at all.
Stay beautiful!

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