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What to eat to lose weight? 10 Healthy eating tips
Image result for eat to lose weightLosing weight is not only about what you eat. It’s also about when you eat, how you eat and even where you eat. The basic eating rules are very simple: low fat, fresh vegetables and fruit, cut back on sugar and salt, and take exercise. Instead of just giving you a menu of healthy, low calorie foods that will help you to lose weight, in this post we give you ten tips on how you can eat smarter with ten healthy eating tips:
1. Think about foods that you can add to your diet
When we think about losing weight, we generally think about what foods we can cup out of our diet. A different way to look at this is by thinking about the foods that you can add. Add new varieties of fruit and veg to your shopping list and try and eat more vegetables with each meal, and eat fruits as a dessert, because the more fruit and veg you eat, the less fattening foods you will need.
2. Concentrate on your food when eating and enjoy every bite of it
Eating in front of the TV has for many people become the norm, but studies have shown that people who do this are likely to consume up to forty percent more calories, than those who switch the TV off. If you are distracted, while eating you are more likely to overeat, so sit up at a table and enjoy your food and it will help you lose weight.
3. Start the day with a hearty breakfast
Skipping breakfast is a really bad idea, as breakfast kick starts your metabolism and it keeps you going through the day. It’s best to have a good sized, balanced breakfast, which will give you carbohydrates, protein and a little fat. That will keep your blood sugar levels stable and avoid you feeling the need to pig-out at lunchtime.

4. Keep a food journal
Keep a detailed journal of what you eat every day, and be honest! At the end of the day, when you review your journal, you might be surprised at how much and what you have eaten. The act of writing in your journal will also make you think twice about unnecessary snacking.
5. Snack, but snack smart
Nutritionists now agree that it is better to snack, than it is to try and ignore hunger and then find yourself overeating when you eventually get to a mealtime. Be smart with the snacks that you chose though. Fresh fruit is just as sweet and satisfying, as a non-healthy snack, for example.
6. Cut down portion sizes not the number of meals
Cutting down is far, far easier than cutting out and you would probably barely notice the difference, if you cut down your portion sizes a little bit at a time. One of the easiest ways to do this is to buy some smaller plates!
7. Eat a salad before your main meal
Eating a salad before a main meal is a nice way to start and it will fill you up with low calorie fiber before your main course. A simple salad with no heavy dressing is best and, once you’ve got into the habit of doing it, it will just become a natural part of your routine.

8. Drink plenty of water
We can actually mistake thirst for hunger, so be sure to drink plenty of water during the day. Not only is it good for you anyway, it will also fill you up and make you feel like eating less.
9. Distract yourself from food
Boredom can make you want to eat, so when you feel the urge to eat and you know that don’t really need to, then go for a walk or phone a friend. Just do something that will occupy you and take your mind off eating.
10. Eat in more often
There are many benefits to eating in so, if you are someone who goes out to eat at every opportunity, then try cutting it back a little. When you eat at home, you know exactly what goes into your food, you can control the portion sizes and let’s be honest, it’s so tempting to have an extra portion of dessert, when all you have to do is call over the waiter!
What to eat to lose weight? Please feel free to share your own healthy eating tips in the comment section below.
Stay happy!


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